Parts of an IEP -A statement of Measurable Annual Goals

This is the third installment on Parts of the IEP.   So far we have been invited to the IEP meeting, met the folks on the team and reviewed the student’s Present Levels of Academic and Functional Performance (PLA&FP).   Now we have to design what it is that we are going to do during the school […]

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Understanding the Present Levels of Academic and Functional Performance (PLA&FP)

This is the second part of our series of what happens in an IEP meeting. I remember going to the first IEP meeting for our daughter.  I had attended a training about what happens in IEP meetings but I still felt lost and nervous about the first meeting. Before we go into the PLA&FP, I […]

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I’ve been invited to an IEP, what do I do?

Luz Adriana

April 29, 2016


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In my opinion, one of the things that scare us about going into an Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting is that we really don’t know what to expect. It seems that the school knows what they are doing, so why doesn’t anyone teach us what will happen before we have to go into this meeting? […]

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